Konjac Pasta

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Konjac salsa pasta gluten free recipe - oat konjac rigatoni

Whenever I try to follow a recipe and try to do it I spend a lot of time on it but the end result comes of messed up with very few sucesses. This recipe will require a miniscule amount of time but you'll end up with a lot of successes . It is a simple but delicious recipe. At first I tried to attempt a difficult Konjac recipe but then changed to this. This recipe is gluten free, fat free, vegan, and very healthy.

First you will need 1 bag of rigatoni konjac. This picture shows oat rigatoni konjac but you can use regular rigatoni konjac pasta. Now wait, you might think that oat contains gluten, but we use non-contaminated  pure oats in our oat konjac which is gluten free.

Second you will need a 1/2 cup of salsa.  In this picture I used mango and peach salsa but you can use any salsa you

Step 1:

First you will need to empty out the water from the bag of the konjac. Make sure to also wash the konjac.

Step 2:

Place konjac in a bowl. Mix salsa in and that's it. This recipe is very easy. You can enjoy it any time.