How does konjac sponge help the skin?

The konjac sponge is extracted from a kind of yam plant. The starch of this plant is the exact source of the konjac sponge. The sponge feels much like a piece of thick squishy felt would. With its peculiar texture, the sponge is able to absorb a lot of water. The texture is coarser than that of a regular dish washing sponge but feels finer than that of a washcloth and it is softer than a loofah. It is specifically designed for the face and is completely safe to use in this very sensitive area.

The konjac sponge requires lesser amount of cleanser because a little goes a long way. Because of how bouncy the sponge is, the amount of suds it produces is more than normal and so there is a need for a reduction in the usual amount which results in better savings. This sponge is also more hygienic to use than the regular wash cloth as it tends to dry very fast.

A konjac sponge is also very affordable and not as highly priced as some may think. Because it is very valuable does not mean it has to be expensive and this quick fix will not drain your bank account. For as low as $2, you can find a very good v and you can change it up regularly too because of the affordable price.

How does konjac sponge help the skin?

There is a lot of rage right now about the miracle working powers and excellent effectiveness of the konjac sponge. But how does it really work? What does it do and how does it work to help your skin problems?

These sponges are very good tools for dislodging makeup, dirt, impurities and oils that tend to build up and clog the skin. This deep cleansing action clears up the pores and helps to correct and stop some very serious skin problems. Those with large facial pores and those suffering from acne can benefit greatly from the konjac sponge because of this.

The gentle movement used with the konjac sponge can help to softly dispose of ad skin flakes that are dried and hanging from the skin. This is a problem usually cause by sun damage and leave the skin looking dull and weak. Konjac sponges can help with this problem and are good for people with dry skin and corresponding skin problems.

For those who use makeup and sunscreen a lot, some of these products come in water resistant formulas and have certain advantages including extending length of wear. The problem comes when they need o be removed from the skin and are proving stubborn. The konjac sponge can help easily get rid of such products and leave the face clear and clean.

How is konjac sponge used?

When using the konjac sponge for the first time, make sure to soak it first in a bowl of lukewarm water. This will soften the fibers of the sponge so that it is not harsh to your face and does not cause any wounds when used on the skin. After splashing some warm water unto your face, apply a few drops of your regular cleanser right onto the sponge, you can use a lesser quantity than you are used to because the sponge foams up with just a little as earlier mentioned. Massage the sponge gently onto your face and use a circular motion for this. During cleaning, make sure to focus the circular motions directly on your trouble areas for extra effect. Also avoid areas on the face where abrasions, healing pimples or infections may be located because these areas need to be allowed to heal not disturbed. After thorough washing of the entire face, rinse your entire face with nice warm water. Do not scrub dry, make sure to use gentle patting motions to dry the face. After drying, take care to clean the sponge because you will need it fresh and ready for your next use. To do this, simply place your konjac sponge under running water and squeeze out excess water from the sponge. Do this repeatedly until the water runs clear and let the sponge sit and air dry.