Konjac Sponge for Sensitive Skin

Do you react to a lot of skin care products by itching, feeling a stinging sensation or developing patches on your skin? These are some of the indicators of a sensitive skin. Most people think that the term sensitive skin is only reserved for a particular group of people. On the contrary, every person’s skin can get sensitive from time to time. Changes in the weather condition, pollution, particular air condition, and stress are all factors that can all affect skin sensitivity. Interestingly, there are skin care products that are highly adaptable for people with sensitive skin. This article will focus one on a particular product, the Konjac sponge, which has received a lot of positive attention in regards to this.

Generally, your skin is considered sensitive if it is easily irritated. The levels of skin sensitivity vary in different individuals. Some people have extremely sensitive skin while others are only sensitive to particular products. Taking good care of your skin can be very challenging if you don’t understand your skin type. For a sensitive skin to feel and look its best, you should take care of it using the right products. 

How do skin care regimens affect different skin types?

Skin care products and treatments have different effects on people based on skin types. Amongst the different skin types, the most complex to handle and maintain is sensitive skin. This is because it’s more prone to itching, drying, stinging, burning and other complications.

Statistics show that people with fair skin, regardless of race or ethnic background, have the most sensitive skin. They are the ones with high cases of skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema in addition to their skin being vulnerable to skin reactions.

Maintaining sensitive skin is not complicated if you get your hands on the right products. The dilemma is that the market for skin care products is flooded with so many options for consumers. So, what makes the Konjac Sponge stand out?

Qualities of the Konjac Sponge That Make It Ideal for Use on Sensitive Skin

The Konjac sponge is an organic skin care product. It is made from the roots of a potato-like plant that naturally grows in the high-altitudes in Asia. It has a fibrous texture and when it's put in water, it swells up and acquires a bouncy texture. These are some of the qualities that make it work perfectly as a facial sponge.

Organic products are preferred to the manufactured ones because they don’t have any added perfume or dyes that can irritate your skin. The Konjac plant has actually been used by the Japanese for more than 1500 years both as a beauty treatment and as a food source.

The Konjac sponge is handmade. There are versions of it that only contain fiber and others that have pure charcoal from bamboo. Using it only requires you to moisturize it by mixing your cleanser with warm water and then soaking your sponge in the water for a few minutes.

This moisture-rich fiber plant has also been praised for being 100 percent biodegradable. Professionals in the skin care industry say this is one of its greatest strength since it's important for people to change skin care products like a sponge and wash cloth after a few weeks of use as bacterial tends to build up in these. It's easy to achieve that in an eco-friendly manner when you have this sponge.

How to Use the Konjac Sponge as a Routine Skin Care Product

Having a sensitive skin does not mean that only your face is sensitive, although for most people the skin on the face is more sensitive than for the rest of the body. You can use two different Konjac sponges for your face and for the rest of the body to ensure that you maintain the highest levels of hygiene possible.

The sponge acts as a gentle exfoliator. Although it will rub off dead skin from your face and your body, it will do it gently ensuring that your skin is not further aggravated. Exfoliation is important as it helps in cell regeneration and makes it possible for new brighter skin to grow. People with sensitive skin require an extra soft sponge as their skin is very delicate. Because of its mild texture, you can use this sponge to remove makeup from your face, even though it can’t replace your makeup remover. You can even use this sponge on kids and not get worried about their skin being agitated.

Instructions for use

Unlike most conventional sponges, this one is hard and dry when purchased. Before using it you must soak it in warm water for a few minutes. When wet it becomes puffy. Use the flat side of the puffed up sponge to remove grime and dirt from your face or body by moving it in a circular motion. This will also exfoliate your skin. The circular movement will not only massage the skin, it will also encourage skin renewal and stimulate the tired skin.

You can either soak the sponge in pure water or soak it in water that has some cleanser. Using a cleanser will naturally shorten the life of the sponge since it is an organic fiber. A facial cleaner also has a drying effect so you should only use the one you have tested and found ideal for your face or skin.

There are many varieties of Konjac sponges. The dark sponge has additional bamboo charcoal and has been seen to prevent spots, blackheads, and outbreaks in people with an excessively oily face. Bamboo charcoal is a natural antioxidant which enhances the ability of the sponge to fight acne-causing bacteria. There is also a white sponge for ordinary skin types, a pink sponge for excessively sensitive skin, and a green sponge for normal to combination skin. The green sponge boasts of macro-molecules which help in the absorption of bacteria, oil, and dirt.

Having sensitive skin can be annoying and embarrassing at the same time since most products don't favor you. The Konjac sponge is appropriate for sensitive and normal skin types because of its gentle formula. It’s actually so gentle that even a man can use it after shaving.