Reasons you should be using a Konjac sponge

The konjac plant is usually found in Japanese cuisine but it is a popular Asian plant. Konjac is edible and also has some weight loss features because it is said to keep people feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Although the plant is very much edible, our interests lie in its benefits for the skin. The konjac sponge is found at the root of the plant and this is where our focus will remain.

What is konjac sponge

The konjac sponge comes in varied shapes and different colors. Some konjac sponge are imbued with clay, scented oils or particles of charcoal for the purpose of aiding detoxification. Dr. Jessica Wu, a leading dermatologist, describes the konjac sponge as having more texture than a regular dish sponge but having a finer texture than a washcloth and being softer than a loofah. She says that the sponge is completely safe to use on the face, even for those with sensitive skin as it is smooth and soft and will deep clean even stubborn makeup particles. Most of the sponges come in the shape of a circular rock cut in half and are rigid much like a Styrofoam initially. The sponge has to be soaked in warm water before the first use. This turns it into the squishy and soft sponge that absorbs a lot of water. This also doubles the size of the konjac sponge. The konjac sponge releases a natural gel of its own that acts as a cleanser but you can add your own personally preferred choice of cleanser directly to the sponge when using. After using the sponge, it should be rinsed and hung out to dry. It dries up quickly and becomes somewhat hard a again after it is dry which prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and fungi.

Reasons you should be using a Konjac sponge

-          To clear acne and breakouts: the fibers of the konjac sponge help a great deal in unclogging facial pores and so it is helpful in dealing with acne by unclogging pores. The sponge also has an antibacterial in it that works to battle with and kill bacteria that causes acne. The sponge deep cleans to fight acne and other blemishes and skin impurities. All the dirt, oils and impurities that cause blackheads and pimples when clogged in the pores are removed, hereby stopping acne in its tracks.

-          For glowing and radiant skin: the konjac sponge is an exfoliator which is really effective in deep cleaning. As it cleans the skin deeply and properly, it provides for more radiant and good glowing skin. Your complexion will get a more glowing look with the continued use of the konjac sponge. The good effects of this sponge on your skin only get better as you use it more and more. Regular use of the konjac sponge could result in very silky smooth skin.

-          For longer lasting makeup: the konjac sponge does very good cleaning and exfoliating so it provides a great smooth canvas when it is time for makeup application. All the flaky skin that might be hanging off your skin will be effectively removed and smoothened out with this sponge. It also makes for application of moisturizers and other products to be very effective. When your face responds well to application of cosmetic products, make up will glide on effortlessly and stay on for longer.

The konjac sponge is also great for makeup removal. It is very effective in makeup removal, even the stubborn products like water resistant makeup.

-          For clean skin that is not dry: skin problems are only made worse with drying out of the skin. Dry skin will result in more oil production which will lead to clogged pores and makes room for bacteria, dirt and blemishes. This sponge properly cleans the skin without drying it out or making it dull. You can enhance supple skin by adding some moisturizer after washing.

-          Sun damage: the dead skin from sun damaged skin is a problem because it contributes to dull looking skin. The konjac sponge help to remove this dead skin and smoothen the surface of the skin as well as deep clean for fresh and smooth looking skin.

Even for those that protect their skin properly with thick SPF creams, they can prove stubborn to remove sometimes and the konjac sponge is the effective tool to get rid of this problem.

-          Gentle on skin: the konjac sponge is so gentle on the skin that does with sensitive skin can enjoy it without problems. It is so soft and gentle it can be used on people of all age groups. Little babies and elderly people can safely use the konjac sponge on their skin. It is the perfect size to hold in the bath and comfortably clean a baby effectively. The konjac sponge is soft, gentle and ideal for all skin types.


The konjac sponge feels completely soft and natural on the face. Apart form the rubbery texture with feels a little odd as opposed to the normal coarse feel of a facial sponge, this sponge is great and really does work. With more use, you will begin to see the reduction of blackheads and other blemishes from the skin. The natural gel in the sponge can cleanse the face very well but you can always add your own preferred choice. Make sure not to add too much because it tends to foam up very much. People with dry and/or sensitive skin will benefit greatly from the soft texture but effective nature of the konjac sponge. Damaged skin in need of gentle exfoliating can also benefit greatly from this sponge. If you have found other methods of washing your face harsh or not as effective, the konjac sponge could change everything for you.