The Konjac Sponge Benefits

The  Konjac Sponge is a cleansing sponge made from the Konjac plant root, which is native to Eastern Asia including Korea, China, and Japan. But what is so good about the sponge which makes it not only popular in Japan but also in the rest of the world?  If you go asking from individuals who have used the sponge, many will swear by their names that it is the Holy Grail for a beautiful, youthful and radiant skin. Nevertheless, in an era when everyone is looking for strategies to cash on anything popular, you could fall prey to some individuals who might try selling you a Konjac sponge claiming it has some magical properties, an assumption which could be misleading. Therefore, before you set out to buy yourself a Konjac sponge, it is prudent to be aware of the actual benefits of the sponge. For example, do not go buy the sponge and expect to wake up with a white skin if you have black skin! It is not a bleaching agent but a cleansing agent with the following benefits:

1.     Gentle to the skin

Konjac sponges are a 100% natural and do not have chemical irritants to harm the skin; they do not have color additives, preservatives or added perfumes. In fact, the sponges were initially created for babies and if they cannot cause harm to a baby’s skin, they will definitely cause no harm to an adult’s skin.  The gentleness of Konjac sponges enables individuals with sensitive skins, dry flakes and the rosacea condition to effectively cleanse their skin without causing more damage. It also allows continuous use of the product without the need for switching between alternative options. 

2.     Effective cleanser

It is amazing how you can cleanse your skin of make-up, dirt, oil, whiteheads, blackheads and any other spot using a single cleansing product.  You do not need to buy a make-up remover if you have a Konjac Sponge. In fact, the sponge is even very effective in removing sunscreen which is difficult to remove with normal cleansers. You also do not need to buy a product specifically for exfoliating your skin if you own the sponge. How about the toner? By now you should have guessed that you don’t need this either if you have the sponge! A Konjac sponge removes all impurities from your skin leaving it clean yet moisturised and radiant.  If you want to make your skin extra soft, make sure you moisturise it after using the sponge just as you do during your normal skin care routine.

3.     Gives radiance to your skin

If you scrub your skin regularly, you will be amazed at how radiant it becomes with time. Your skin will regain its natural elasticity and become wrinkle-free. The sponge also helps balance your skin’s PH naturally which makes your skin achieve an even, blemish-free tone. It supplies your skin with proteins, a whole range of vitamins and a variety of minerals essential for making your skin supple and radiant.

4.     Unclogs pores and eradicates acne

While some people claim that the Konjac sponge does not treat acne, they fail to understand that if clogged pores are the triggers of acne, using the sponge will definitely alleviate the condition. The sponge’s natural fibers are effective in clearing clogged spores thus making your skin smooth and clearer in complexion. However, if you have acne, you should be cautious while using the sponge lest you prick some pimples. Other than alleviating acne, the sponge comes in handy if you have some sun burns. It gets rid of the dead burnt cells and stimulates blood flow to the affected areas which triggers the development of new cells and hence your skin becomes rejuvenated and fresh.

5.     Facilitates application of make-up

The Konjac sponge removes dead cells from your skin and helps your skin take in moisture and retain it for long. By convention, a well moisturized skin takes in other skin products very well. Thus, application of make-up becomes easy and the make-up lasts much longer than it would if your skin was not well-moisturised. Using a Konjac sponge also triggers your skin to release natural oils and appear bouncy. As mentioned earlier, the sponge also removes the make-up very well. Thus, if you have the sponge, use of make-up becomes much easier as you need not worry about proper removal of the products from your skin.

6.     Suitable for all ages and sexes

The Konjac sponge is natural and gentle on all skin types. As aforementioned, it is good for use on baby skin as well as on the adult skin. In the cosmetic field, it is rare to come across a product with a universal use like this sponge. It is perfect for the entire household; from the teenagers with a rush of hormones to women experiencing menopause and hormonal imbalance. Although it is very popular among women, men are gradually adapting the Konjac sponge for the routine skin cleansing too. In fact, there are specific brands created for men. Thus, the Konjac sponge is excellent for individuals with all skin conditions irrespective of their age and gender.

7.     Environmental friendly

Sustainable environmental use is an important factor to consider when choosing our products. The Konjac sponge is natural and completely biodegradable. Besides, it lasts long and does not have detrimental effects on the environment; there is no power consumption and reliance on chemicals during production. For these reasons, the Konjac sponge enables sustainable environmental use ensuring that we leave the planet safe and inhabitable for future generations.

Now that you know the benefits of a Konjac Sponge, it is time you make an informed decision to use it regularly as it offers more than many other skin care products. The best part of using this beauty product is that is natural and will neither harm your skin nor the environment.