What is the Konjac Sponges?

Every now an again we fall into the ditch that is skin care problems. A lot of people already know their skin types and some even go as far as knowing what really works for them. Especially in the hot months, hot new trends emerge for facial care and we can come across it in our usual search for a solution to our problems. For those branching out and looking for the next best thing, this could just be it for you. In the past years you must have heard of or seen something about the konjac sponge. Is this new trend worth all the rage and excitement or is it just another regular cleansing method?

What is it?

A konjac sponge is basically a loofah but for your face. It is gotten from the konjac vegetable plant and is a Japanese innovation. The fiber from which the konjac sponge is made is alkaline in nature and is said to be a natural balancer of acidity for the oils and impurities from the skin. The rubber like texture of the sponge and its ability to absorb water is said to make it very effective in removing oil, dirt and blackheads from the face.

Some minerals are integrated into some of these konjac sponges for the specific treatment of certain skin disorders and they come in different shapes as well.

How to use it

A konjac sponge will usually come in a dehydrated pack so it is completely shrunk before the first use. If yours is shrunken, you can rehydrate it by immersing it in a bowl of water for some minutes and watch it grow in size. When the sponge has almost doubled its packaged size, you will know it is well rehydrated and ready to use. It will be easy to squeeze and you can rub it all over the face for cleaning.

Once the konjac sponge has been rehydrated and used, it only needs to be run under water for a few minutes to clean it after each use. A lot of people use theirs in the shower when the hot water and steam has given the pores on the skin a chance to open up. It can also be used along the neckline and cleavage if there is any sort of bump or skin problem there from harsh clothes or otherwise.

How does it help?

The konjac sponge deep cleans and dries the skin by going in to dislodge makeup, oil, dirt and other impurities that could be blocking the pores. People with large pores and those who suffer from acne would find this sponge very helpful in treating their problems. Sometimes sun damage leaves dead skin flakes behind which the konjac sponge disposes of as it cleans. If any water resistant sun screen has been used and proves stubborn to remove, the konjac sponge can work to bring it off.

With or without a cleanser

When using the konjac sponge, you can choose to cleanse your face with a cleanser or without one. A lot of people with severe skin problems choose to use the sponge along with their regular skin cleanser to further increase the deep cleaning effects of their products. Even a mild cleanser can be used with the konjac sponge for deeper cleaning. Even with the mild nature of the sponge, its deep cleaning abilities are extensive and effective. Some people simply use them with cleanser because they don’t foam on their own, this does not mean their cleaning abilities are reduced in any way.

You can build up a lot of foam with a simple application of the regular amount of face cleanser you are accustomed to. Simply squeeze the desired amount directly on the sponge and squeeze a few times. Even low sud cleansers with low pH tend to foam up a lot wen used with a konjac sponge.

When you’re done

A konjac sponge is a lot like the clarisonic cleaner, not rough on the skin and very light to handle. You only ned to rub it gently on your face for good deep cleaning. After usage, you can lightly rinse the sponge. Try to avoid any twisting, pulling or stretching as you try to remove as much water from it as possible. Some of the sponges are very handy as they come with a handy string attached so that hanging it up is very easy and you don’t have to bother about where to keep it or how to air it.

The konjac sponge might not be a complete replacement for your regular routine but it is definitely a great choice for deep cleaning every few days and effectively removes build up of dirt from the skin without drying out the face.


The konjac sponge is like a natural sea sponge so it is very gentle and might not feel as effective as a motorized cleanser at first, but over time, one will notice the difference and effectiveness in cleaning. It is not advisable to use this sponge with cleaning beads but only with mild facial cleansers.