The Role of soluble fiber and Gut Health

Your intestines are teeming with bacteria. Good bacteria flourish throughout the colon, helping you ward off illness and even producing vitamins such as vitamin K. Bad bacteria are kept in check by the good guys, who outnumber the bad when you’re feeling well.

Like any living organism, bacteria thrives when it receives what it needs to stay healthy. To keep your gut bacteria healthy, solube fiber  are needed.

Although the best sources of these compounds are derived from plants such as onions, leeks, garlic, and artichokes

Without soluble fiber, the beneficial bacteria do not receive enough of the food sources they need to thrive. Digestion may suffer. The body may have trouble absorbing nutrients properly. It may also have trouble warding off bad bacteria such as E.coli when colonies of beneficial bacteria fall. What you eat directly and indirectly affects your overall health, including the health of your gut.

The health of your gut bacteria directly impacts your overall well-being, too, creating a cycle of interdependence that, if disrupted, can cause health problems. Therefore, people embarking on a celiac disease diet, gluten-free diet or leaky-gut diet that drastically reduces or omits all gluten-containing foods must be especially conscious of what they eat. They need to consider including soluble fiber rich foods in the diet.

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