Soluble fiber is the famous food part that lowers blood cholesterol once you add to your diet. Foods high in soluble fiber facilitate forestall sugar from rising too high by keeping food within the abdomen forlongerperiod of time after meals. Sugar gets absorbed slowly, and preventing the free fatty acids & triglycerides from rising high behind meals. The free fatty acids will bind to the hypoglycaemic agent receptors and prevent these agent from doing its job of driving sugar from the blood into cells. Additionally, soluble fiber reacts in the following ways:

-It binds on fat within intestines, and preventing fat absorption. Many researches have proven this to be true and effective

-It dissolves the fluids within gut & forms gel that will bind with the gall acids within intestines. As a result, the liver converts a lot of cholesterol to gall acids, and blood cholesterol levels area unit reduced.

-It slows digestion and therefore the absorption of nutrients, leading to a slow and steady unleash of aldohexose from attendant carbohydrates.

-It soaks up excess gall acids found within the internal organ tract – equivalent acids that if left is changed into cholesterolof the blood.

-It delays abdomen relocation also known as remotion, triggering satiation (a feeling of fullness) that may be useful in folks with some sort of a pair ofpolygenic disease making anattempt to realize weight loss goals.
The utmost difference between konjac fiber and other soluble fibers such as psyllium is their source. Glucomannan as konjac fiber is also known is gotten from the root of the konjactree, whereas psyllium husks are taken from the Plantago ovate shrub. Konjac Glucomannan is the most viscous soluble fiber in nature – it forms a particularly viscous resolution.
Konjac Glucomannan has the best mass of any dietary fiber better-known to science – mass is between two hundred,200,000-2,000,000 Daltons.
Konjac Glucomannan has the best water holding capability of any soluble fiber – up to a hundred times its own water weight.
Konjac Glucomannan becomes or makes either a reversible or a thermo-non-reversible gel.

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