Importance of Good gut bacteria

Whenever the word ‘bacteria’ comes up, thoughts of evil, disease-causing germs and microbes come to mind. But that’s not always the case. In fact, our bodies actually need bacteria to stay healthy and protected.
At any given moment, our bodies host an average of 40 trillion bacteria. These are found in our mouths, skins and our gut. About 75% of these exist in our gut and digestive tracts. The ideal conditions of acidity, temperatures and nutrient supply make sure they thrive here.

Our bodies carry two kinds of bacteria; the good and the bad. The bad bacteria are the ones we should watch out for. If left unchecked, they could lead to potentially fatal conditions, ranging from salmonella, E. coli, inflammatory bowels, obesity, and autism to even cancer. Food poisoning is normally an indicator of their strong presence but if there are good bacteria present, quick recovery is assured. Even though they’re harmful, they’re still important in ensuring that our immune systems are all toughened up. That’s why we never seek to eliminate them but actually try to strike a balance between the levels of the good and the bad bacteria over the span of our whole lives.
While the bad kind bring all manner of illnesses, the good bacteria help with most of our gastrointestinal issues like digestion, water absorption, vitamin synthesis and fending off bad bacteria. They’re especially beneficial to people suffering from Celiac disease. They are capable of metabolizing the gluten that the digestive enzymes in the gut don’t.

The kind of bacteria a person has can actually raise or lower their chances of developing Celiac disease. That’s why managing the levels of good gut bacteria we harbor in our bodies is essential. Ingesting Konjac fiber is one way of tending to and preserving these probiotics.
Good gut bacteria can be boosted and the bad kind quashed with Konjac foods. The Glucomannan in the foods makes the conditions for existence of the good kind habitable while killing off the bad kind. This means that our bodies get to remain healthy without any good entities getting hurt in the process, unlike what most antibiotics do. When the good gut bacteria are killed off while killing of bad bacteria, the pathogenic bacteria get to adapt to antibiotics and that leads to a weakened immune system. That’s
Konjac foods come mostly in the form of tasty gluten-free Konjac noodles. With a host of other benefits like cholesterol reduction, weight loss, diabetes prevention, and anti-constipation features, you should really try these out.

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