Benefits of Konjac Fiber

Konjac fiber is a soluble dietary supplement popular for its medical and dietary uses. It has been part of Asian food for a long time and slowly is getting popular in the west as well. Konjac has a number of benefits to our health and diet. This magical herb from Asia has been used now for different purpose like preparing Konjac Noodles with low calorie or thickening of food and as a part of dietary supplements.


Konjac is a high fiber content that is useful in lowering the cholesterol along with blood glucose level. Like other high fiber diets this also helps in regulation of bowel movement, prevention of hemorrhoids and diverticular diseases. Below are some of the benefits of Konjac fibers found from research.

Konjac for constipation

A study done in the year 2008 showed that glucomannan or Konjac helps prevent constipation. Adding Konjac to a low-fiber diet helps to increase the probiotic bacteria in feces as per the study. Like many other high fiber diets that help prevent constipation Konjac also contributes to preventing constipation. Konjac also helps to increase the bowel movement function significantly.

Weight loss

Food with fiber, fill your stomach and keep you full. When you eat such food there is very little chance that you will overeat. Konjac helps you stay full by expanding your stomach. There are different studies showing that adding glucomannan in a balanced diet has more probability for weight loss than a normal diet.

Cholesterol control

It is proven fact that Konjac helps to lower your cholesterol especially the bad cholesterol or LDL and Triglycerides. It also helps you reduce body weight along with fasting blood sugar level. It is believed to be a miracle therapy for people with high cholesterol and diabetes. This fiber is recommended for reducing the risk of cardiac disease.

We can see that there are numerous benefits of using Konjac in our diet. Apart from the benefits mentioned above it is also found effective against acne and helps improve the health of your skin. This fiber has been growing its popularity with so many health benefits.

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